it started with one vision

that was mutually shared and meticulously nurtured by two unique individuals.

That’s how our agency & culture was built, by the belief that inspired people working together can create extraordinary things for others.

Fang’s professional footsteps can be traced back to 2003. Upon graduation from University of Sains Malaysia, Fang joined and played a key role in a variety of organisations primarily in the capacity of a project architect. There she took the lead role in a wide range of undertakings and acquired strong cross-specialty technical knowledge. Fang is highly regarded among her peers for her incisiveness and rationale problem solving covering both design and technical aspects.


Neoh Kim Hin B Arch, APAM
principal designer

Neoh began his professional journey in 2003 with Arkitek AO after graduating from University of Sains Malaysia. Throughout his engagement with the organisation, Neoh has acquired expert knowledge in the fields of architecture and design, project implementation, urban planning, landscaping as well as interior design. Neoh envisions design as an expression of one’s individual characteristics and thus believes that every idea or concept should always reflect the relevant context.


Aw Hooi FangB Arch, APAM
principal designer

we are vastly different

and that’s what excites us most! It gives us the opportunity to merge ideas and challenge one another. It’s a two-way collaboration that enables us to hone our passion and realise our peak potential as individuals and as a team.

the one thing that we both love

is when we find the ‘aha’ moment. When the two of us are able to identify and translate our client’s need into an insight that rushes us to the drawing board. And that’s where the magic of our balancing act happens!

we are two but one

“Through our designs we aim to reach out and make a difference in the way people work, live and play. To achieve this, we strive to achieve a balance of form and functionality to make every space not just a work of art but a liveable artistry.”

At Studio 11 we call this culture ba11ance™